Beanies are a kind of headgear that typically worn during cold weather for keeping the head well protected. During winter, the body tends to lose more heat and so it is essential to have a right kind of headgear which will preserve body heat. It should fit the head properly and offer ample protection from the cold weather.

Women’s beanies conventionally feature a cozy fit which makes sure that the hat is comfortable and does not need constant adjustment. As such hats are made from triangular pieces of cloth, extra foldable material helps to offer an extra amount of length.

There are many women who prefer beanies that fit loosely on their heads. The most amazing thing about the beanies is that it can fit almost any head size. You can buy wholesale women’s beanies whether the people in your family have different head sizes. It can be worn on any occasion and on any weather. You can choose from an extensive range of colors and designs, with different materials. Whether you purchase it from the cheap ones at a discount store, or a well-known clothing brand, a beanie is still a nice present for any occasion and for any member of your family.