Carded Cosmetics in Bulk at Wholesale Prices

Blue star empire specializes in specific industries to offer competitive pricing.  YOu can buy top selling nail polish brands such as klean color and L'oreal or even an entire lacquer display set for your store!  At times we have closeout deals on specific merchandise that we have excess quantity of.     We have product in every niche of nail polish - even glow int he dark and long-lasting nail polish.  If you have a large store and are looking to make a high proif you should consider an entire pallet of assorteed sally hansen nail polish as featured here

Customer Reviews about Blue Star Empire Health & Beauty Products

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We stock accessories such as pedicure socks, tweezers, and fruit lip gloss, to go along with your health & beaty purchase.

Many of our nail polish is made in the USA and we have a large variety of cosmetic cases as well as assorted cosmetic lots at large discounts.