Only winter gloves come to mind when most of people think of gloves. These are designed to protect the hand from a range of things. Winter gloves provide warmth to the hand in chilly winter and it fits around each finger. It differs from the mittens that have only two pockets; one for the thumb and the other for four fingers.

So, it hinders the activities that need the use of fingers. Gloves are available in a range of different sizes and styles. It can be manufactured by a machine or knitted by hand. It can be wool, leather, cotton, or any other material that is preferred.

There are some people who prefer magic gloves to wear. These are small in size but made from stretchable material so it can fit any hand. Wholesale magic gloves are very popular and used by many people to protect their hands from a range of things. There are also other types of gloves available; it includes sport gloves, golf, soccer, baseball and cycling gloves. Many people like to match their gloves with their scarf and hat to be more stylish. These are available to fit every person style and personality.