When we go for shopping, we have lots of choices for winter boots. These are easy to be paired with but you would be confused on which style to purchase! To ease your picking, some mostly used styles are given here.

Over the Knee Boot These are also called ultra-tall boots, thigh high boots, etc. These are hot again this season, and are available in high or low heels. Easy to be paired with, over the knee boots look great with dresses and skirts, or with leggings or jeans tucked into them!

Flat Winter Boots  These are great for a casual look! If you have to do a lot of walking, you could enjoy the look of boots and the warm they offer.

Fold-Down Boots These are specially designed to look as if they have been folded. Tall fold over boots are ultra sexy and perfect when the weather outside is frightful.


Faux Fur Trim  If you love a bit of well-placed fluff, you will be happy to know that wholesale winter boots with faux fur trim are back again this season. You can find a lot of boots with faux fur accents from great designers to common fashion boots!