Earlier wearing of hats was limited to the royal class. However, today fashion hats are now worn by both men and women as it became affordable for all. Decades ago, hats were considered purposeful as it protected the head from cold, snow, heat and rain. During the 19th century, women loved wearing bonnet; making it different from others by wearing decorating it with flowers, feathers and ribbons. Hats state a symbol of class and style. All women love fashion and try all measures to look trendy, hot and classy. Just like other fashion accessories, women's hats and beanies also hold a vital place in fashion.

Nowadays, women have become so conscious. Hats offer style cum protection to skin and head. As outdoor headwear, beanies are the best option. These are mostly known as torques or ski caps. Such hats are available in range of attractive colors and provide trendy look with warmth to women during winter season.

Buy it from wholesale womens beanies to get great hat at affordable price. Formal hats are also worn by women of this generation. Usually, these come decorated with flowers, ribbons, feathers and other fashion accessories to make it look stylish and attractive.