Pashmina is a kind of fine cashmere wool that comes from a special breed of the Himalayan goat. The name comes from "pashm", a Persian word that means the undercoat of fur on most of the animals like goat. The word Pashmina has become very popular for almost any wrap, shawl, stole or scarf.

Today, the name has been used too generously and many shawls and scarves manufactured from natural or synthetic fiber are sold as Pashmina which creates confusion among wearers and would-be buyers. The original fibers are finer and thinner than cashmere fiber, so it is ideal for creating light weight apparel like fine scarves.

The shawls and scarves of pashmina are made available in a range of colors and thicknesses. These both make any attire trendy, at the same time be the warmer. In extremely cold winter nights, these scarves provide the same warmth like a bulky jacket. You can use it by wrapping around the neck entirely such as back and shoulders. It is also used solely on the neck for further warmth. To complement the simplest of clothes, use bright colored Pashmina shawls. If you are a retailer, you can buy pashminas in bulk to get benefit.