Not only used as a fashion accessory, winter scarves help to keep you warm during those windy cold days of winter. In many places, they are a welcome addition but in some areas where the temperatures can often be well below freezing, they are a must. Just because of the necessity of the additional warmth these scarves offer, manufacturers fabricate wholesale winter scarves in a range of materials suitable for both casual and dress occasions.

Nowadays, you can find a scarf made out of materials like wool, cashmere, silk, polyester, rayon, and even quilted cotton. One needs scarves to be wrapped around the neck to beat cold winter and also to make you feel more fashionable. If you want a scarf to be both stylish and get warmth, you have to know the ways to wear it to serve both form and function. To get the casual look with added warmth around throat, there are two styles to get such look.

One is to put the scarf on the neck a little off center and then wind the long end around the neck from front side and throw it over your shoulder. Other is, folding scarf in half, centering it on the back of neck and then at the front of the neck, pulling the loose ends through the fold.