Flashing LED Glow Party Supplies in Bulk

A party is not a party without the right glow in the dark or led items.   If you are making any type of nighttime party and need something to keep partygoers excited try something like these glow bracelets or this Wholesale Glow-in-the-dark baseball cap

GLOW in the Dark Party Supplies in Bulk

We specialize in stocking hundreds of different colorful glow sticks glow eye-glasses, light up rings.  LED flashing headgear and armgear is great to keep the party going all night.

Party Eyeglasses in bulk for weddings

Get Metallic gold slotted sunglasses to look cool at your next rave.  

Neon is the color of choice amongst the EDM music crowd as well as all the festival and music concert millennials.  Keep trendy items in your store by ordering 

We also stock more traditional party items such as plastic Hawaiian Lau’s  as well as a variety of themed hats such as a “Wholesale Felt Sheriff Hat"

Get flashing toys and games at discounted prices.