While keeping you warm, a hat can enhance your wardrobe. It is essential to find a perfect winter hat that suits your face. Some hats suit long faces, while others suit only round faces and there are also those that are perfect for any face shape. Toboggan hats look cozy, provide that warm feeling and can complement a casual fit or work outfit.

While looking for these hats, you should make sure that it works with your facial shape. People having longer faces will mostly go for these hats. Beanies are another top choice and have been around for so long. It can be worn by both men and women. It is a more casual style that suits people with a heart shaped face and look gorgeous with a puffer jacket, jeans, scarf and gloves. It is often worn to keep the head and ears warm.

Trapper hats come with wings on both sides to cover the ears. These are available in a range of materials from fur styled hats to woolen hats and suit any face shape. Flat caps are also good choice for anyone having a rounder shaped face. Like wholesale toboggan hats , these are sophisticated and stylish and can be worn for work or casual.