Previously in the 80's, beanie hats were used by people only in extremely cold outdoors and nothing more. Now, the things have changed; beanies are also worn inside, during the course of hot summer months. It's fascinating to see beanies worn during very warm summer rather than a base ball cap. However, it is getting more common fashion all the time. These types of hats have become popular due to the street dancers and the rappers. They wear beanies and people who try to follow their dressing style feels that it is cool to wear.

It should be clear that every trend has a life cycle and hats have no exception. Black beanies have been in style throughout much of modern history. Currently, world-class fashion houses offer complete product lines of branded beanies available in many patterns, colors and fabric. While selecting beanie hat or any other kind of hat, one must try and find out a hat that goes well with every dress you wear.

Generally, a black beanie hat or any dark color cap goes with various dresses. So, wholesale black beanies are great in demand. However, sometimes light color with a good design can also go well with the kind of dress you wear.