Unisex Ski Masks

Winter requires apparel makers to create gear that’s functional while still being fashion-forward. Winter apparel accessories — such as hats, gloves and scarves — can be easily rendered both beautiful and functional, but ski masks present more of a challenge. Blue Star Empire, a leader in discounted, low-priced, bulk apparel, meets this task head-on. Our line of wholesale unisex ski masks is fashionable, serviceable, and comes at fabulously discounted price points — all without sacrificing quality.
The Blue Star Empire unisex ski mask collection delivers warmth and comfort over a range of styles. The huge variety in this wholesale selection is sure to satisfy any bulk buyer with apparel items that cover the many possibilities in unisex ski masks. Protecting the face and neck is a breeze with our low-priced, discounted options. All ski masks are water- and fire-resistant. They’re excellent for a variety of activities, and all deliver essential warmth wherever whipping winds and other harsh climate conditions prevail.
Blue Star Empire is proud to offer these low-priced, discounted unisex ski masks in styles and patterns such as the ninja mask, camo green mask with visor, hunter’s face mask, three-hole winter mask and neck-shield fleece. We also offer Neoprene full cover masks that are chemical-resistant — a necessity for customers who work in industries where such protection is essential. Our wide selection of high-quality, unisex ski masks at bulk and wholesale prices is unparalleled.
For purchasers of wholesale and bulk apparel in northern climates especially, our range of low-priced, discounted ski masks will be especially attractive. Our quality apparel and low price points will have your customers coming back for new and different styles for warmth, protection and fashion. We’ve been a leader in trendsetting wholesale and bulk purchases for over a decade. Our commitment to you includes building your competitive edge while you maximize profits.


We have a unique collection of Ski Masks available for wholesale buyers. Each and every ski masks in this wholesale collection has been designed keeping the latest design trends in mind. These ski masks have been designed to give your customers the feeling of warmth and ultimate comfort. Few customers can ask such masks that cover nose and mouth both, whereas few can ask that covers mouth but not nose so that it would be easy for them to breathe. This is where the immense variety in this wholesale collection comes to your rescue. Different customers will have different choice while buying, Blue Star Empire understands the need of the customers and therefore we have come up with the products that contains all the possible features, a buyer would be looking for. Feel free to browse our unisex collection of ski mask and order now to stock these items to your retail stores.

If you are looking for a wholesale collection of ski masks equipped with style and comfort, then you are at the right place. Blue Star Empire is a renowned brand that supplies stylish and comfortable ski masks. These ski masks offer unmatched comfort and warmth in chilling winters. These ski masks are well suited for people living in frigid climate as they are exceptionally effective in protecting face, mouth, nose, neck from chilling weather. Many of our above listed ski masks are also used for sports activities because of their water and fire resistant features. The above listed products come in different styles and patterns such as Ninja mask, Camo green mask with visor, hunters face mask, 3 hole winter mask, Neoprene full cover, neck shield fleece, and many other styles and shades. Neoprene ski masks are chemical resistant which will draw customers that work in certain industries to your retail store. It is very important for a retailer to stock goods that are high in demand, this wholesale collection of ski masks has always given a good business to all our existing clients.

Blue Star Empire has always believed in building long term relationships with their clients by providing best quality products at reasonable prices. Check out our exquisite collection of ski masks and stock them in your store’s inventory to add more value to your business. In case you have any queries, suggestions or feedback for us, please feel free to contact us. Our client service team will be more than happy to address all your issues.